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Who's Deals Nearby You
Deals Nearby You is developed and operated by Trans Data Systems aps. Trans Data Systems is a small Danish entrepreneurship located in the beautiful surroundings of Virksund near Viborg.

Trans Data Systemer aps was founded in 1997 by Torben Kjeldgaard Trans (Linkedin profile).

Our Mission
To provide merchants extremely cheap, effective and measurable marketing that improves their earnings and enable them to offer customers better prices!

The thoughts behind
For many years we have followed the market for Internet-based and electronic marketing. We have found that despite new technology and ever decreasing cost of hardware, internet traffic, etc. prices have continued to rise!

During the years, traditional marketing channels has come under hard pressure, because several generations don't watch TV and don't read newspapers ect. to any significant extent. When the target audience is rapidly falling and prices continue rising, the benefits from traditional marketing fades very fast.

For internet business and business 2 business companies, there's many great marketing channels out there, but if you are running a retail business, the possibilities are limited. However, in recent years several "Deals" sites have popped up and facebook also offers some opportunities. But it's still pretty expensive, and often it's very hard to see any benefit in your earnings. Sure - It's great to have 2,500 "likes" on your facebook page, but if it doesn't make any sales, it's not worth much!

Our philosophy is that marketing should be cheap, effective and measurable! Why should you pay more for your ads, the more views your ads have? The production price is virtually the same regardless how many people seeing it!

We turn marketing upside down, we drop old principles and offers marketing on a subscription basis. We give you the possibility to advertise at a fixed and very low price! No matter how many ads you publish, how many impressions your ad gets or how many sales you make - the price is still the same.

Best of all - you don't even have to purchase a subscription, you have the opportunity to advertise for free! Clik here to see how you can get your business listed for free.
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