Advertising made fast and cheap!

We use GPS technology to reach current and potential customers when they are near your doorstep.
We have build a completely new platform for you, where you can manage your sales locations and ads as easy as posting a text on facebook, twitter ect.

After creating your advertiser account, you have to pay the subscription to start posting ads. You can see our prices here .

How does it work?
The Deals Nearby You app use the GPS in the users device, to send the users location to our servers. The location data is sent and stored anonymous and cannot be linked to the specified user.

Our unique advertiser 'dashboard' uses the location data to calculate the exact number of potential customers, within a specified radius from your sales location. You are able to setup search criteria, such as gender, age, interests ect., to target the exact group of users you want.

When you are publishing an ad, you know exactly how many users there are in your target group, and you are able to see statistics for each ad.

Deals Nearby You Features: Flatrate price per month no matter how many deals, events and news you publish Back Office administration dashboard - see the number of users nearby ect. Create your ads anytime you like, and chose when they must be published Integrate your ads with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account for larger response using your unique RSS feeds Your ads will be published in our Deals Nearby You app and on our webpages and socialmedia pages

Deals Nearby You have users in more than 98 countries. Currently our top 10 is: USA, UK, Thailand, India, UAE, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Denmark.

Customer Testimonials
“Deals Nearby You is the quickest way to generate a return on our advertising spend.” said Lars Svensson, owner of three Japan Photo shops. “For a relatively small investment, we see almost instantaneous result with customers coming in and show us the offer on the app. We can also modify the offer throughout the day or week proving amazing flexibility.”

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